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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does your price include the coffee, or is it just for the espresso machine and cart?

Our flat rate always includes the espresso drinks, brewed coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate.

Italian sodas, iced versions of any drinks, and any variance from our normal menu does cost extra (and varies depending on the specific situation).

How much space do you need for your cart, espresso machine, and dome?

Horizontal Space

  • Without our cart, we need as little as 3ft x 2ft (like a kitchen countertop). An ideal space would be 6ft x 2ft (like a tabletop).
  • With our cart, we need about 8ft x 6ft floor space.

Vertical Space

  • Our carts are 42" high.
  • Our espresso machines by themselves (no dome) are 24" high.
  • Our espresso machines with brass or copper domes are 54" high.
  • A complete package (cart, espresso machine, and dome) is 8' high.

Please visit our Site Requirements page for complete information.