Motorcycle Luggage Accessories: Fender Bags //ADV Rider

When it comes to motorcycle luggage, there’s no shortage of choices and options. Soft vs hard, panniers vs rackless systems – it seems luggage manufacturers are coming up with new products every year. And while that’s certainly good news, motorcycle luggage accessories are another story. So far, my favorite piece of a luggage add-on is this old Wolfman fender bag:

It came with the bike, and, despite multiple crashes and other misadventures, it has happily lasted for over four years and three continents without so much as a tear. It houses spare tubes and a tiny tube repair kit, and

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This leather duffel bag is perfect for the traveling golfer

The Brown Leather Duffel Bag from FH Wadsworth.

Jeffrey Westbrook; Styling: Miako Katoh

The easiest way to recognize a savvy traveler is by taking a peek at their bag. One of the more popular choices is the duffel — a smart, no-frills option that gets the job done. The trusty mainstay dates all the way back to 17th-century Europe but exploded in popularity in post–World War II America, when a surplus made them affordable and commercial flight for leisure travel became more mainstream.

Golf bags

GOLF Spring/Summer 2021 Style Guide: The best golf bags for your

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Volunteers fill dozens of bags in Lansing litter clean up

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Pollution on Lansing streets has been an eyesore for the community and people are tired of waiting on others to take care of it. Volunteers lined the roads of Martin Luther King Boulevard and filled dozens of bags with trash. Corner Spot, a community group in Lansing, organized the cleanup and plan to do many more.

“We have to show that someone cares if not it just keeps piling up nobody’s doing anything about it,” said volunteer, Leo Mendoza.

“You want to show when people do things wrong we here in Lansing take it on. We

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Poop fairies won’t help, but this bag might

Myble is a rescue and a sweetie, according to her owner, Barbara Radner. But like all dogs, the Chihuahua mix has her needs. When nature calls, the retired DePaul administrator escorts Myble from their home on the 33rd floor of a lakefront condo and down to the street to do her business.

Heading out, Radner snags a WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag. I learned of the product’s existence after my July 15 column about the non-reality of poop monitoring drones. Cook County is not searching for pet waste from the sky, but an Ohio company is selling a tote bag

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Police find 3,100 heroin bags stuffed into cereal box

State police find 3,100 heroin bags stuffed into cereal box, during unrelated stop

A state trooper in Massachusetts seized 3,100 bags of heroin stashed in a cereal box during a recent traffic stop.Massachusetts State Police said Thursday that Trooper Scott Boutell pulled over an SUV for having improper auxiliary lights and an illegal handwritten license plate at around 12:30 a.m. on July 16.He determined the driver, a 31-year-old man from Springfield, Vermont, had a suspended license and could not provide proof of registration or ownership of the vehicle.A vehicle search ultimately turned up

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Bags to be checked during final day of Lane County Fair, organizers say

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — After a shooting Saturday afternoon at the fairgrounds, Lane County Fair organizers made it clear that bags will be checked at the gates for Sunday — the final day of the Fair. Anyone who refuses a bag check will not be allowed to enter.


The incident began around 4 p.m. on Saturday. One person was shot, and two were arrested — according to police.

This statement was issued Sunday by fair organizers: “We are saddened by the actions of a few individuals during

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NYC Plastic Bag Ban Violators Getting Away with Breaking Law

State regulators charged with overseeing the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags are overwhelmed by complaints, with more than 300 reported violators yet to be checked on, data obtained by THE CITY shows.

The Department of Environmental Conservation, the state agency that’s supposed to enforce the new regulation, has received 500 email complaints from concerned New Yorkers since the law took effect last October, the department said.

State investigators have conducted just 195 store visits, issuing 69 warning notices, all to spots in New York City and Long Island, according to the DEC. Only one shop in the seven counties

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Snag the Baggallini Small Everywhere bag for just $48

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It’s like the superhero of carry-on bags: Behind that stylish facade lurks high-tech crime-fighting ability. (Photo: QVC)

It’s one of life’s great pleasures: taking off, getting out of Dodge. Maybe just for a long weekend, maybe for a summer-long idyll. Either way, you’re going to need that one dependable bag — the one that looks smart, can be tossed into the backseat of the car or under the plane seat in front of

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Boys get trophies, girls get gift bags for state championships

A girls’ softball league in Florida made a call that left its players in tears. Now the story is gaining national attention after one mom posted about it on Facebook.

“My daughter along with 11 other 5-7-year-old talented and determined little girls have dedicated their entire summer to Babe Ruth Allstars,” Ashlee Partin wrote last month. “They practiced 3 days a week for 2 months for hours every day.”

Faith Partin, 7, and her teammates received goody bags after winning the state championships. The boys who won took home trophies and medals. Ashlee Partin

The team went undefeated all season

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