The Painterly, Provocative Art That Uses Humble Plastic Bags


Hugo McCloud, “golden hour,” 2019, Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly, New York, Hugo McCloud, Collection of Michael Hoeh

Known for his inventive work that transforms humble materials via labor-intensive techniques, American artist Hugo McCloud, 41, has always been interested in, as he puts it, “finding beauty in things that are overlooked.”

From June 7, the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut, is staging McCloud’s first solo museum show, surveying the past seven years of his career. On display will be McCloud’s alchemical way with materials, whether metal,

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These gorgeous vases are made from discarded plastic bags

Clay, porcelain, glass. If you’re shopping for a new vase, these are the materials you’re most likely to see. But one designer is making a series of vases out of a material we usually stuff into a drawer or throw away: plastic bags.

Seoul-based designer Jisun Kim is making beautiful, translucent vases out of the plastic bags for Lexus Korea’s Creative Masters series, which explores the creative vision behind the craft of various artists. Kim’s project takes plastic bags, which are both ubiquitous and bad for the environment, and reincarnates them as a beautiful piece of home decor.


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Leather messenger bags vs. canvas messenger bags

Despite its rugged quality, leather can scuff easily. And if your leather messenger bag gets wet, it can stain or even get ruined if it gets soaked one too many times. Leather bags can also be a costly investment for this reason and you’ll have to take special care of them in order to maintain their luster. Lastly, unless you’re in the market for a bag in some shade of brown or black, you’re going to find that you’re pretty limited on color options when it comes to genuine leather products.

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The Best Soft-Side Rooftop Cargo Bags For 2021

Soft-side car roof cargo carry 15-20 cubic of soft (no sharp edges) clothing and other bags. When not in use, the bags fold into a small parcel.  Bill Howard 

Even SUV owners may run out of room for that fifth or sixth suitcase. Folding rear seats to expand cargo space isn’t always an option with a full load of passengers. Lightweight cargo carriers strap to the top of your vehicle, store bulky items, and easily fold away when not in use, unlike hard-shell rooftop cargo carriers. A good cargo bag adds storage options without adding unnecessary weight—many vehicles cap rooftop

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Aiming To Be More Eco-Friendly? Biodegradable Trash Bags Can Help

These days, we’re always looking for more eco-friendly alternatives for everyday items that may be damaging to the environment. From reusable water bottles to reusable straws, there’s generally a way to meet your needs in the most low-impact way possible. Enter: biodegradable trash bags. 

Trash bags are the one type of single-use plastic bag that the vast majority of people still seem to still accept as their go-to. But why not try to find an alternative that’s potentially better for the planet? Biodegradable trash bags may not be the perfect solution, but there are some environmental benefits to

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VESSEL Bags and Den Caddies at HYPEGOLF Miami Event

VESSEL brought out its latest line of golf bags at the inaugural HYPEGOLF Invitational, held last week in Miami Beach, Florida. The global bag brand took the opportunity to display its wide range of pro-grade bags to the golfers and guests.

VESSEL’s branded bags were showcased for all who visited its activation last Thursday, while the players competed throughout the day. Made of fine, rich leather, the San Diego-based brand brought samples of its standing VLX and Lite Lux models, as well as the deluxe Player III. Alongside its in-line offerings, exclusive HYPEGOLF branded VESSEL full size bags and den

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Top Bag Trends of 2021

As the year takes a more optimistic turn, this will be reflected in what we wear out in public once again. Bags, an accessory truly made to be worn outside our homes, finally have their moment—out of their dust bags and back in the sun. We’re collectively feeling ready to step out and carry stuff with us (!), as opposed to last year, which was a great time for phone cases as bags and hands-free fanny packs when outings were less luxurious.

One of the biggest “trends” for 2021 is less about what necessarily came down the runway, but the

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Moment M-TW Backpack and Sling Review: Bags Worth Carrying Daily

Packing for a quick, two-day trip to Colorado, I decided to use the Moment M-TW backpack as my carry-on. I needed something compact for the plane but roomy enough to hold a sweatshirt, laptop, iPad and cable pouch.

Taking Moment’s backpack on this easy excursion let me get a sense of its limits. It also affirmed how good it is as a daily backpack. It has all the makings of a pack that you could use to go back and forth to school or work. Moment started as a photo gear company and has a unique place in the photo

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Junya Watanabe’s The North Face Jackets Render Your Bags Obsolete

Junya Watanabe is, if anything, the exact opposite of a one-trick pony. Though the COMME des GARÇONS designer’s relatively mellow menswear is, at worst, pleasantly restrained, it consistently, refreshingly turns functional gear on its head. For instance, he’s been doing these backpack-infused jackets for a while now but Watanabe gives them a new edge each season even as they become routine. Spring/Summer 2021 already saw Watanabe drop this style with Mystery Ranch and Karrimor but Watanabe is back with The North Face for a selection of mountain-ready jackets and coats.

A pretty mean-looking black jacket and a green coat reiterate

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Hot Sale: Get 20% Off Bike Bags During National Bike to Work Week

Like to bike? Need a way to commute with all your gear? Grab some bike bags on sale, this week only.

Po Campo is celebrating National Bike to Work Week in spectacular fashion — by putting its panniers on sale. For the next few days, get 20% off multiple styles of Po Campo’s pannier and bike bags.

“Whether you’re heading

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