4 Bag Trends We’ll Be Wearing All Summer

Summer is (almost) here and fewer layers mean fewer pockets to store away all your belongings so what better time to hop on the bag trends you’ll be seeing all summer?

We all know how disappointing women’s jeans pockets can even and even if your go-to dress surprisingly has pockets, it’s time to consider getting a handbag or two that will fit your summer aesthetic and all the outdoor activities you have planned. Luckily, there’s a trend for you no matter your taste.

From Y2K-inspired bags that will go with all your printed pants and reusable tote bags that are

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6 Easy and Quick DIY Totes to Sew, Decorate, and Use Every Day

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A durable canvas tote is a necessity. While there are many out on the market, consider a DIY version. Creating your own elegant, personalized design can turn this everyday accessory into a true style statement that is useful to boot.

Whether you use a sewing machine or a crochet hook, roomy totes are easy to make. They serve as excellent gifts for the students in your life or as

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Grand Rapids tags dirty recycling bins again after uptick in plastic bags, other unacceptable items

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Residents might start noticing tags on their recycling carts again showing them what was improperly recycled as gains made by a curbside inspection program last fall have started slipping.

Grand Rapids stopped tagging carts for about four months after the program because people were recycling far better than they had before. For example, the tonnage of recyclables incinerated during that time due to unacceptable materials fell roughly 73%, compared to before the program.

In April, though, city officials started to see an uptick in the number of plastic bags, styrofoam, unrinsed food containers and other materials

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Build your perfect gear bag with Brightline modular bags

NEWS – While surfing for cool stuff to share with all of you, I stumbled upon Brightline Bags, and wow. Where have these bags been all my life? I’ve often fantasied (yes, I’m a bag geek, so don’t make fun of me) about making my own gear bag with the perfect layout and number of compartments. I even have some sketches of my ideas in a notebook somewhere. But after taking a look at what Brightline’s Flex System has to offer, I am drooling. I’m hoping they will see this post and offer to let me review them 🙂


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The wrong time to enforce the new plastic-bag law

Sometimes, officials are too eager to move after a media exposé. Case in point, the reaction of the state Department of Environmental Conservation to reporting by The City that no grocery or bodega had been fined for ignoring the new ban on single-use plastic shopping bags.

Boom: Within hours, DEC announced it had issued 12 violation notices, to nine small businesses and three larger entities, including grocery chain Gristedes.

Hello: There’s a pandemic on, adding to the dangers of (already unsanitary) reusable bags and leaving residents, especially in lower-income areas, even more dependent on the closest-available food store.

The DEC,

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Why you need these multi-purpose food storage bags in your life

These John Lewis bags are perfect for storing food. (John Lewis)

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Now we’re venturing outdoors more, whether it’s to the park for a picnic or to the office, we’re eyeing up those blocky plastic containers in our kitchen cupboards once again.

However, we’ve just found a chic eco-friendly alternative to traditional sealable containers, in the form of colourful, silicone pouches.

Whether you’re packing a full

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The 38 Best Work Bags for Women 2021 Are Stylish and Functional

After a year of working at home, work bags were forgotten in our day-to-day routines, along with commutes, office workwear, and heels. But as we think about returning to the office soon, remember that the best work bags and totes should always meet two criteria points: function and style. When searching for your own, ask yourself: Is it durable? Will it be sizable enough to fit all of your essentials—laptop, notebooks, planners, wallet, keys, and beauty staples? Is it lightweight and comfortable enough to wear over your shoulders, especially during a daily commute? I’ve learned the hard way of purchasing

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Are People Hoarding Gas in Plastic Bags During the Shortage?

In May 2021, a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline led to an interruption of gas services to the southeastern parts of the United States. This, in turn, lead to some “panic buying” as people rushed to the pumps to fill up extra containers of gasoline. 

On social media, photos and videos started to circulate that supposedly showed how some people were using plastic bags to transport their surplus gasoline. One photograph supposedly showed a car trunk loaded with plastic bags filled with gasoline:

A video supposedly showed a woman filling up plastic bags at a gasoline pump:

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Dead Whale Found With 16kg of Plastic Bags, Wrappers Inside Stomach

Environmental conservationists have expressed their “anger” after 16kg of plastic waste was found inside the stomach of a beached whale.

The cetacean, a female Cuvier’s beaked whale measuring a little over 5 meters in length, washed up on a beach in Messanges in south-west France, which is on the Atlantic coast.

The whale’s partially decomposed corpse was discovered by passers by on Saturday, May 8, and an autopsy carried out by environmental conservation groups Pelagis Observatory and Itsas Arima concluded that its ingestion of an enormous quantity of plastic products led to its death.

These products include shopping bags, packets

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How The Stars Celebrated Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day celebrations for Black women in the industry ran the gamut of creativity. Some received pricey gifts, others were the recipients of sweet brunches and lunches, and a few marked the occasion with family at home. And then there was Marjorie Harvey, who received a room full of flowers and designer heels from husband Steve Harvey that clearly took her breath away:


We also enjoyed seeing Nicole Ari Parker look beautiful in white as she showed off the artwork she received from hubby Boris Kodjoe. It was a piece created by Bisa Butler, the talented artist

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