Suplest Crosscountry Pro gravel shoes review

Suplest Crosscountry Pro gravel shoes


Our review

A quality, well-constructed shoe but pricey and you need to check the fit

Great quality; build; stiff, efficient sole

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Suplest says its Crosscountry Pro meets the needs of singletrack, gravel and cross-country riding. For gravel riders, the Suplest has plenty of plus points, with the sole being particularly suited to this type of terrain.

At the heart of the sole is a super-stiff carbon base, onto which is bonded a toe-to-heel rubber covering. This not only protects the carbon, but also adds

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Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Review 2021

It’s always best to train with a plan, but every so often, I can’t quite figure out how I plan to incorporate running into my fitness routine. For example, when the weather teeters on the brink of rain that never quite comes, I can’t decide if I want to hit the road for a long run, or hit the Assault treadmill for sprint work, or maybe just log a mile or two on the tread.

And it’s on these days that I always reach for my Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38s. Nike’s most versatile pair of all-around running shoes has

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Paul Van Doren, 90, Dies; Built an Empire With Vans Shoes

Paul Van Doren, a founder of Vans, the Southern California sneaker company that became synonymous with skateboarding almost by chance and then grew into a multibillion-dollar business, died on May 6 in Fullerton, Calif. He was 90.

His death, at the home of one of his children, was confirmed by a representative for VF Corporation, which now owns Vans. He lived in Las Vegas.

Mr. Van Doren founded the Van Doren Rubber Company in 1966 with the investor Serge D’Elia and soon brought on his younger brother James and Gordon Lee, a colleague from his years working for another sneaker

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Let’s close the debate on open-toe shoes vs. closed-toe shoes at Scouting events

Fashion trends ebb and flow.

And while this blog probably isn’t the place to discuss the ins and outs of skinny jeans or no-show socks, there is one clothing debate we can settle once and for all.

It’s a question that’s been asked since at least the 1990s, when I first joined Scouting: Should Scouts wear open-toe shoes or closed-toe shoes?

The question hasn’t gone away in the decades since. Just this month, we heard from a volunteer named Kari Grantham, who writes: “We have lived in several states while Scouting, and every unit has said no open-toe shoes —

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How Much Should You Spend on Cycling Shoes?

Bike fitters love to remind cyclists that you only contact the bike in three places: the handlebar, seat, and pedals. Comfort matters in all of these areas, but only one of them is directly involved in propelling the bike forward. That makes cycling shoes one of the most important accessories you can buy.

But how much should you spend? What features should you look for? It can be hard to know, particularly with road shoes, where product marketing focuses largely on sole stiffness. The clear message is that stiffer is better. Of course, stiffer soles cost more, as do the

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5 alternative ways to tie your shoes

When we’re kids, we’re taught the basics of how to tie our shoes, and most of us stick with that technique in every type of shoe we wear for the rest of our lives. You may not realize that there are a variety of ways you can tie your laces, depending on your running style and your feet, which could potentially make your trainers, flats or spikes work better for you with just a few small tweaks. If the traditional method isn’t working for you, try these alternative ways to lace up your shoes.

RELATED: How often should you replace

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The Best Trail Running Shoes of 2021

The North Face Flight Vectiv ($199)

(Photo: Courtesy The North Face)

The Flight Vectiv brings high-tech speed to the dirt. Like record-setting carbon-equipped road shoes (think: Nike Vaporfly), it has a full-length carbon-fiber plate that enhances forward propulsion and makes for a more efficient stride. Uniquely, the plate sits directly under the foot, between the footbed and midsole (instead of deep within the cushioning) and also extends up around the heel. This improves lateral stability off-road (though it’s a bit tippy on very rocky trails) and generates an energetic, smooth ride that begs to go fast all day. “The

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The 7 Best Altra Running Shoes of 2021

If you’re looking for a sturdy and comfortable minimalist running shoe, look no further than Altra.

A young upstart in the world of running shoes, Altra’s mission is to help people run consistently and instinctively.

Altra running shoes are designed to encourage a natural gait and stride. Specifically, they include three key features:

  • A wide toe box. This helps your toes relax and allows your big toe to remain straightened for maximum stability and support.
  • Proprietary Fit4Her technology. The shoes are designed with a narrower heel and midfoot to better fit women’s feet.
  • Balanced cushioning. The cushioning is designed so
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