The Budding Joy Storage Bags Are On Sale at Amazon

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With the cold weather hanging over much of the country, there’s a lot of extra time spent indoors. While it’s always fun to slip under a cozy blanket and binge some TV, it’s worth using some of that extra  time to organize the house. If you’ve been meaning to rein in all the bed linens, bathroom essentials, and summer clothing that haven’t yet found a home, it’s a good idea to consider some storage organizers.  

Smart shoppers are

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Jen Shah claps back at criticism of her ‘RHOSLC’ reunion dress

Jen Shah isn’t here for Disney villain comparisons.

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star’s dress for the upcoming Season 2 reunion set social media abuzz on Thursday, with many fans likening it to “The Emperor’s New Groove” baddie Yzma’s purple feathered frock.

But when a “Housewives” fan account suggested the cartoon character served as Shah’s “fashion inspiration” for the occasion, the reality star didn’t hold back.

“It was actually @iamcardib but I wouldn’t expect you to know that,” Shah retorted, as captured by a Comments by Bravo screengrab.

Indeed, Shah appeared to select the exact same Jean-Louis

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The 2022 Jewelry Trends Includes This Nostalgic Detail

January often spurs a few “new year, new you” purchases for a wardrobe refresh, like new jeans, a great coat, or even an exquisite pair of boots. But one of the most exciting shopping categories to ensure fun and personalized looks aplenty is unquestionably jewels, putting the 2022 jewelry trends high up on the priority list.

If one thing has been evident over the past several months in the world of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, it’s the omnipresence of Y2K jewlery and the regencycore aesthetic. Think piled-on pearls, vibrant chunky rings, layers of crafty beads, resin bangles, and, yes,

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40 Best Sneakers for Men in 2022: White Sneakers, Running Shoes, Air Jordans, Yeezy, and More

What are the best sneakers for men? Well, that depends on the kind of sneakers you’re looking for. Today’s sneaker landscape is a bit like the MCU: vast, far-ranging, chock full of unexpected cameos, and prone to incite confounding levels of scrutiny from millions of adults who should probably know better. (The characters might vary, but for sneaker fans with firsthand experience working the internecine dynamics of the aftermarket, there’s no shortage of villains.) 

And much like Marvel’s multibillion-dollar baby, the already-expansive sneaker galaxy is only getting bigger. Today it encompasses everything from suede designer high-tops to trusty canvas lace-ups—along

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Great accessories can upgrade basic outfits | Business

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A Seatbelt for Bags Can Help You Concentrate on the Road

In this age of technology, where everything connects to the cloud or needs an app, it takes a simple bit of engineering to stand out. A seatbelt for bags while you drive around like there’s no tomorrow, as reported by Gizmodo, clearly fits into this category. 

The best place to put a bag of groceries or even take-out food when you are driving alone is the passenger seat, right next to you. Not only can you keep an eye on it while you drive, but it is also unlikely that you will forget it in the car and have

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Olivia Culpo Makes an Edgy Statement in a Neutral-Colored Dress and Matching Gia Borghini Big Toe Sandals

Olivia Culpo knows how to make an edgy statement.

The “Reprisal” star posted a photoset on Instagram that showed the socialite in a daring look. For the ensemble, Culpo donned a neutral-colored dress from Aya Muse that featured two thin shoulder straps and a peek-a-boo cutout design on one side, complemented with string ties for an added flair. She accessorized the garment with a tan, brown and white striped handbag, chunky gold hoop earrings and a brown clutch pouch that perfectly accented her vibe.

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For the shoes, Culpo opted for a pair of white Gia Borghini

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Deputies say dog was abandoned in trash bag on Arcadia roadside

ARCADIA, Fla. (WWSB) – DeSoto County deputies are looking for the person who left a dog inside a garbage bag on the side of the road Monday in Arcadia.

At about 3 p.m., the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a person who found an oddly-shaped garbage bag near the intersection of NW Livingston Street and NW North Road. They opened the plastic bag to reveal an older, severely malnourished female dog.

“There is absolutely NO reason to treat animals this way; not when there are shelters available and/or people who would gladly adopt a pretty little lady

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The Best (& Most Wearable) Glittery Dresses To Shop Now

“No matter how much fashion evolves, the glitter dress will always be a staple – it just serves fantasy like nothing else,” says Georgios Trochopoulos, the man behind Dua Lipa’s spellbindingly sparkly New Year’s Eve look. The eye-watering slashed silver sheath dress would not have looked out of place in the wardrobe of chainmail connoisseur Paris Hilton, who rewore her rhinestoned 21st birthday dress by glitzy king Julien Macdonald some 15 years later during a Marbella DJ set (iconic). This is precisely the point for Trochopoulos, a rising Greek designer setting up shop out of London with the guiding principle:

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Giro Xnetic H20 shoe cover review

Pulling old socks over cycling shoes to try and add some warmth to frozen toes dates back to well before the derailleur but the introduction of neoprene overshoes made the idea extinct decades ago. Giro has used its latest super stretchy Xnetic H2O waterproof knitted fabric to revive the classic look though and for milder rides they offer comfortable – if pricey – protection with a classic retro look. 

We’ve been putting them to the test over the past few months to discern whether this retro design is comparable to today’s best cycling

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