Countdown to cozy with these 20 winter accessories

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Don’t let the longer, colder days of winter get you down!

These 20 items will help make the days warmer and brighter even when the weather keeps you inside.

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From warm slippers and matching pajamas for everyone, including the dog, to heated blankets and house decor that instantly warms the heart, wintertime at home can be cozy and fun.

Winter Accessories to Warm You Up

Wearable sherpa blankets will keep you warm whether you are working on your computer, watching TV, or playing video games. Pockets are

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Bago: A Hilarious Object Designed to Keep Bags Upright on the Floor of a Car

I don’t deny that this object is clever (for what it is), but I’m stunned that people would purchase one for the $22 asking price. Bago seems like a simple thing to rig up. It’s basically an adjustable strap and a small A-clamp. You throw one end into the glovebox, then attach the clamp to a bag on the floormat, holding it upright:

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This seems like one of those quirky only-in-Japan objects. Instead it was invented–and successfully crowdfunded, on both IndieGogo and Kickstarter–by a guy named Dan Stevenson, who hails

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Christiansburg mother hosts a dress drive to honor her daughter who died in a crash

CHRISITIANSBURG, Va. – A Christiansburg mother hosted a dress drive Saturday in honor of her teenage daughter who was killed in a car crash.

Teenagers lined up at Belmont Christian Church to shop around for their dream dress.

With more than 500 dress choices and accessories spread out on tables, Melissa Poole asked teens for a $20 donation.

Melissa’s daughter, Ashlyn, died at 16 years old in a car accident back in 2018. To honor her memory, Melissa started the Acts4Ash movement to spread kindness.

“She would most likely be in the middle of it and try to get everyone

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$2,500 Jewelry Thief Captured When He Returns To Louis Mall: Cops

JOLIET, IL — A 22-year-old Crest Hill man is now in the Will County Jail after Joliet police say Perry Page stole jewelry valued at more than $2,500 from the Piercing Pagoda store in the Louis Joliet Mall earlier this week. Page was captured Thursday when he returned to the mall wearing the same clothes during Tuesday night’s crime, according to police.

The retail theft inside Piercing Pagoda happened around 7 p.m. Tuesday. Joliet police said that Page had stolen over $2,500 worth of jewelry, leaving the store with the merchandise without paying. When officers checked the area, they couldn’t

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Internet Backs Family Refusing to Replace Delivery Boy’s Shoes After Stepping in Dog Feces

A post has gone viral after a Redditor explained a recent confrontation between her and a local pizza restaurant.

Redditor, axthetix wrote about the experience on the subreddit “Am I The A**hole” in a post that has now been voted on over 11,000 times.

Axthetix explained that over the weekend she ordered two pizza pies from a local restaurant. About 25 minutes later, she went outside to receive the meal but was met with a very unhappy delivery driver.

“I never would have expected the delivery boy to walk through the grass. He did. Once he got to the door

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How to organize winter accessories, according to a professional

Winter is here, along with freezing temperatures and the need for several layers any time you step outside. Accessories like hats, scarves and gloves are an easy and fun way to flex your personal style while staying warm and cozy. The not-so-fun part? Figuring out how to store them when you get back home.

Instead of just stuffing everything in a bin during the season you’ll actually need it, Rebekah Love, professional organizer and founder of Organize for Love, recommends storing your winter accessories in a place that is easily accessible and allows you to see everything you have.

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Why Indiana can’t ban plastic bags

We’ve all seen it: pictures of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest of five accumulations of trash floating in the world’s oceans. Located between California and Hawaii, the Great Pacific patch is twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France, according to scientists.

Research estimates that there are more than 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the patch — bottles, fishing nets, straws (cue mental images of the sea turtle) and more. That also includes bags. 

These plastics can harm both wildlife and humans, especially when they break down into what are called microplastics,

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‘I had to pray that it was going to fit’

Camille Kostek knows a thing or two about heating things up.

Right before 2021 officially came to an end, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model attended the SI Awards in Florida with her longtime boyfriend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski. The former cover girl made jaws drop when she rocked a golden cutout gown by celebrity fashion designer Usama Ishtay that proudly flaunted her assets. The 29-year-old completed the look with a football-shaped clutch.

Fast-forward to 2022, and the star is already making a big splash with new episodes of TBS’ “Wipeout,” where she serves as a field

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Group robs breaks cases at store, steals jewelry before fleeing

SAN JOSE — A group of robbers broke into three San Jose businesses at a shopping center Monday and stole jewelry before fleeing the scene, according to authorities and store owners.

The losses reached at least $60,000, according to two of the stores. The third store was still counting up its loss as of Thursday.

Police said the robbery was reported at 3:32 p.m. Monday when between eight to 10 people broke into a business in the 1600 block of Story Road and smashed jewelry cases. The people stole jewelry and fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing and authorities

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How to shop for water-resistant running shoes in 2022

Many runners are forced to reckon with damp terrain between the winter and spring, whether they’re sprinting down a city sidewalk or jogging through a muddy trail. “The most frustrating thing while running in the rain or through the snow is dealing with wrinkly, wet feet,” said Alli Felsenthal, founder of Run with Alli. She added that soggy sneakers — and the resulting damp feet — can slow you down and cause overall discomfort.

Instead of reaching for the same sneakers you wear in the warm dry months or on the treadmill, you may want to consider investing in

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