An Ode to the Knockaround Shoe

Jeffrey Westbrook

My grandmother was an unrepentant clotheshorse. No stranger to the thrilling sensation of showing off a new cop, she reveled in cheffing up A1 fits and in complimenting her grandchildren on theirs. Whenever I’d show up at her house for a surprise visit in some freshly unwrapped purchase, she’d say the same thing: “Wear it and tear it.” Whatever new item I bought (or, in true grandmotherly fashion, she’d given to me) wasn’t meant to sit on a shelf. It was meant to be used. Loved. Worn until it was quite literally worn out.

In her infinite wisdom,

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Dowry Disputes Entangle Fashion Designers | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Bridal fashion shows are, for the most part, about creating a fantasy around a beautiful bride in a spectacular gown on her perfect day. For bridal designers the world over, success in selling this fantasy is key to the bottom line for their business.

Clients’ expectations to see positive, aspirational imagery explain why Pakistani bridal designer, Ali Xeeshan, surprised many earlier this year when he released a fashion film on Instagram to promote his latest collection of bridal couture, in which the “bride,” a child model wearing an ornate red wedding gown, has tears running down her face as she

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Louis Vuitton plane-shaped bag costs more than an actual plane

A Louis Vuitton bag that’s shaped like a plane has become the subject of ridicule on social media.

The aviation-inspired men’s bag, part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, was designed by Virgil Abloh and sells for $39,000 (around £28,000).

The brown bag features Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram pattern and has wings, engines, a tail and a nose to form the shape of an aircraft.

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is well-known for its luxury leather bags, but the impracticality of a plane-shaped design and the price tag has caused a stir on social media.

One social media user wrote:

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Fashion Experts Share Summer Dress Trends

With all due respect to nap dresses, summer 2021 is arriving quickly and bringing with it an energy that’s anything but sleepy. You may relate if you’re currently in a mood to throw on a party-ready frock just to run to the supermarket. Or perhaps you’re itching to break your legs out of their soft-pants comfort zone and slip into a minidress to reunite with pals you haven’t seen in a year. It’s not solely festive, flowy designs that are drumming up these feelings of anticipation and optimism—see: a vaccine rollout running ahead of schedule and the promise of warm

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Here are all the AirTag accessories we know about

The Apple AirTags have finally been announced, and with them come a ton of accessories to make them easier to use (so much easier than if it had, say, a built-in way to attach it to things). While a small tracking puck could be carried in a bag, there are a variety of other things that you may want to put an AirTag on that require some sort of holder or the judicious use of tape.

These are all the accessories we could find that are either listed for preorder on the maker’s site or have a page on Apple’s

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Vintage Inspired Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Collection

Dilemma! Antique jewelry is wonderful, but with this dream comes responsibilities—caring for old things can be daunting. Why not set your sights on vintage-inspired jewelry instead? Vintage-esque jewelry, freshly hatched and brand new, is meant to be thrown on and enjoyed—no loose stones to worry about, no fear that washing your hands will ruin a decoration applied 100 years ago, no wondering if what you bought is really what the dealer—he or she seemed so nice, but still…—swore it was.

Don’t think of these vintage-inspired pieces as mere replicas because they are emphatically not—they are fantasias, brilliant interpretations, spun with

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What Are Nike Dunk Shoes?: An Overview


Today, the Dunk is a different beast, now more popular than it ever was.

2018 was the catalyst for the silhouette’s meteoric rise, when Nike employed the help of old friend Diamond Supply — the streetwear stalwart that is largely responsible for reigniting interest with their “Canary Diamond” colorway, a F&F pair currently worth a couple thousand USD. Supreme and Concepts reunited with the Swoosh not long after, aiding the effort with Jewel Swooshes and Lobster-inspired sequels, respectively.

Further collaborations quickly begun to pour in soon after, and some would consider many of this past years’

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Fashion brand ASOS praised for featuring model with cochlear implant in earrings ad

Fashion critics want ASOS to hear their applause for a current online ad, featuring an earring model with a cochlear implant.

The British brand is currently peddling a pair of small gold hoop earrings with a dangling mushroom charm for $6.89, but the whimsical design isn’t what the buzz is about. As seen on the product page, the smiling model is wearing a cochlear implant on her right ear. MyLondon has identified the blonde beauty as model Natasha Ghouri, who was born deaf.

The gold hoop earrings with mushroom charm by ASOS.


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Telfar to Release Azalea Shopping Bag in Hot Pink

Stop the press: a new Telfar Azalea Shopping Bag is dropping in hot pink. As anyone involved in fashion of some capacity knows, securing a Telfar bag used to be almost impossible with many appearing on the resell market, before the Telfar Clemens-helmed label introduced its Bag Security Program in the summer of 2020.

So, for those that want to get their hands on the new colorway, here’s what you need to know. The Azalea Shopping Bag comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and regardless of the size the piece is described as “The iconic unisex Shopping Bag is

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