A Louisiana high school senior was accused of violating his graduation’s dress code with his shoes— so a teacher switched with him

Daverius Peters told CNN he showed up to his high school graduation in a pair of black leather Alexander McQueen shoes, ready to walk across the stage to get his diploma when he was stopped, at the door. The faculty member informed him that his footwear violated the dress code, and he would not be permitted into his own graduation.

According to Peters, the students were required to wear dark-colored dress shoes and not allowed to wear slippers, athletic shoes, or opened-toed shoes. He thought his shoes matched the requirements.

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Shoe Store Employee Accused of Performing Lewd Acts on Customers’ and Co-Workers’ Footwear

One former shoe store employee is facing legal consequences for his actions on the job that were, arguably, worse than stealing or mismanaging merchandise.

New Zealand One Shoes employee Malachai Wylie stands accused of exploiting his professional position to take covert photos of his customers and co-workers before committing sexual acts with their footwear, according to Newshub.

Wylie allegedly also photographed or filmed the acts for the purposes of sharing them on what the outlet describes as “a network of porn, fetish and Facebook pages.”

The 23-year-old man was arrested on April 23 and has since been charged with

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Woman accused of putting body of granddaughter in several trash bags

Disturbing details are being released about the death of a 2-year-old girl whose body, according to investigators, was found in trash bags that were placed in a cooler.Investigators have yet to identify the young girl, but they have identified and arrested the toddler’s grandmother.This 42-year-old grandmother is now in jail, charged with abuse of a corpse.Investigators say LaTonya Austin, 42, allegedly tried to cover up the death of her 2-year-old granddaughter by “placing the body in trash bags and then into a plastic cooler rather than report the offense to authorities.””My understanding is she was in different garbage bags. I … Read More