10 Most Affordable Luxury Men’s Shoes Worth Buying in 2021

Luxury shoes are the designer handbags of men’s fashion, and if you’re a stylish dude who wants to make a statement, there’s no better way than with your kicks. Whether you prefer a luxury shoe at work, for special occasions only, or you just want to #TreatYourself to a pair of designer sneaks, there are enough affordable options out there. Believe it or not, you can add luxury shoes to your wardrobe without draining your entire savings account.

10 Most Affordable Luxury Men’s Shoes

Keep reading for the 10 most affordable luxury men’s shoes—all of which are under $700. As

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Hands On With Apple AirTag Accessories: Which Are Worth Buying?

AirTag is a New Year’s resolution assistant in waiting—trying to help you stay more organized and never lose your keys again. But, in its raw form, the small, slick disc still needs a way to be attached to the item you want to track. I got my hands on a few of the first AirTag accessories to see what they were actually like. In some instances, the AirTag case can be more than the $29 Apple AirTag itself. Are these accessories worth their price?

These assorted AirTag holders can also double as key rings and luggage tags.


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Designer shoes worth buying | CNN Underscored

(CNN) —  

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a good steal — but there are a few pieces that are worth splurging on. For some, it’s an iconic handbag, and for others, it could be a piece of jewelry that they’ve been saving up for. Somehow, for editors and influencers alike, the one thing they’ll always shell out for is a great pair of shoes.

“When I invest in my wardrobe, shoes and bags are always my go-to,” says Kelsey Stiegman, a senior style editor at Seventeen. “I try to go for pieces that are either incredibly

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‘I felt nauseous in Topshop’: why a fashion editor gave up buying new clothes | Fashion

It was April 2019. I was seven months pregnant and in Topshop, looking for something large in which to rehome my body.

I was wearing a maternity dress that, if you had seen me pregnant, you would have recognised – a cheap, pleated wraparound in a red floral print that expanded as I expanded. I imagined Issey Miyake, but increasingly looked more like an armchair. It had served me well, but I was determined to buy something, anything, to see me through the next few months.

Ferrier’s red maternity dress – her second-to-last purchase of new clothes.

I had been

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Bold colors and ruffles: People are buying dresses again

But the clothing item that has been relegated to the back of people’s closets in the work-from-home era is moving back up. As social activities pick back up, there’s a reason to glam up again.

Chains like H&M (HNNMY), Anthropologie (URBN) and Macy’s (M) say they are seeing increased demand for dresses lately and are introducing new styles to try to cash in on pent-up demand.
The most recent government retail sales numbers show consumers were in a mood to shop in March, as retail sales surged overall, including an 18.3% jump in
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