What actually is American Airlines’ dress code after Olivia Culpo told to cover up?

Olivia Culpo has revealed that she was asked to “cover up” before boarding an American Airlines flight to Cabo San Lucas, leaving travellers wondering what the airline’s dress code really is.

In an Instagram Story posted on 13 January, Olivia’s sister, Aurora Culpo, shared that the former Miss Universe was told to put a “blouse” on over her outfit, or else she wouldn’t be allowed onto the flight.

( auroraculpo/Instagram )

The clip showed Culpo, 29, dressed in a long black cardigan, biker shorts, and a sports bra for the flight, an outfit that her sister described as “appropriate”.

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New dress code makes students feel more comfortable on campus

The Turlock Unified School Board of Trustees approved an updated version of the district’s dress code at the Board meeting on Oct. 5, allowing students to wear spaghetti straps, crop tops, pajamas and hats to school.

While many students said they are happy to see the dress code changed to allow for more freedom in clothing choices, not all Board members supported the changes.

Board member Mary Jackson voted against the updated dress code.

During the Sept. 21 board meeting, Jackson expressed concern about standards for students being lowered.

“I’m not willing to lower the bar. I’m not comfortable with

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Aspirational dressing is so last century. The Philadelphia Orchestra’s new dress code proves it.

The shift in fashion is complete.

We are officially a people who dress for the moment we are in. Our clothing reflects who we are now, not who we hope to become. And most importantly, we dress for our own comfort, not others’.

How do I know this to be true?

Because in what can only be described as the ultimate clutching-of-the-sartorial-pearls moment, the Philadelphia Orchestra began its new season at the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall Tuesday night with its male musicians taking the stage sans white tie and tails.

Instead of the black tail coat, white shirt, white piqué

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Moral Code Chase Shoes Review, Price, and Where to Buy

SHOP $169,

Welcome to The Esquire Endorsement. Heavily researched. Thoroughly vetted. These picks are the best way to spend your hard-earned cash.

Man cannot live on sneakers alone. The same goes for slippers, house shoes, clogs, and the rest of the (extremely comfy) shoes we’ve slipped into for the last little while. You also need real shoes. Proper shoes. The kind of shoes that are sometimes colloquially called “hardbottoms,” because for so long they were made with leather soles that were, yeah, pretty hard (at least until you broke them in).

If that’s had to hear right now, I

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Texas Republicans Back Statewide Dress Code for Women

AUSTIN (The Borowitz Report)—A new bill moving swiftly through the Republican-controlled Texas legislature would institute a strict statewide dress code for women.

Governor Greg Abbott, a vehement supporter of the bill, said that the dress code would benefit women because “it will give them one less thing to think about when they get up in the morning.”

“I believe in the sanctity of human life, and the best way to protect that life, in the case of a woman, is to free her from the stress of having to choose what to wear,” Abbott said.

Abbott summarized the new dress

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The Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Any Season or Dress Code

Wedding invites are officially being mailed out again, which means you’ll need plenty of best wedding guest dresses to wear to all the nuptials you RSVP’d yes to. Luckily, there’s no shortage of dreamy options to start budgeting for, and we curated versatile wedding guest outfits to help you secure the perfect look—no matter what dress code or season you’re shopping for.  

Once you’ve nailed down what you’re wearing, you can then start accessorizing your look, arranging travel if it’s a destination wedding, and checking presents off the happy couple’s registry. 

Whether the invite takes you to an ivy-covered terrace,

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Flight attendant stuns TikTok with extremely strict dress code: ‘That’s so outdated’

A flight attendant on TikTok revealed to viewers that the dress code for her job is a lot stricter than people may realize.

Kat Kamalani, who worked as a flight attendant for five years before going on maternity leave in 2020, released another video shedding light on the travel industry. Previously, she has discussed her best hotel hacks, the “disgusting” reason passengers shouldn’t drink plane water and the real reason why the crew greets passengers aboard flights.

In one of her latest TikToks, Kamalani explains the “strict” realities of the job — including the very specific rules each

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Best wedding guest outfits for every dress code


After a year of cancellations, postponements and Zoom celebrations, wedding season is officially back. Sure, that means most of our summer weekends may be spent celebrating happy new couples, but it also means decoding the always tricky wedding dress code.

Sometimes the couple makes it easy for you by writing it on the invitation. But if the invitation hasn’t explicitly specified a dress code, there are a few clues to decipher it, says Micaela Erlanger, a celebrity stylist who’s worked with Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger and Meryl Streep.

First, look at the style of the invitation: Does

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A Louisiana high school senior was accused of violating his graduation’s dress code with his shoes— so a teacher switched with him

Daverius Peters told CNN he showed up to his high school graduation in a pair of black leather Alexander McQueen shoes, ready to walk across the stage to get his diploma when he was stopped, at the door. The faculty member informed him that his footwear violated the dress code, and he would not be permitted into his own graduation.

According to Peters, the students were required to wear dark-colored dress shoes and not allowed to wear slippers, athletic shoes, or opened-toed shoes. He thought his shoes matched the requirements.

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