Affordable Designer Bags From Independent Brands


If you’re like us, your salary goes predominantly on rent and bills, with some cocktails and exhibition entry fees in between. Oh, and the odd book and music festival. But as fashion obsessives, though we might not all have the funds for endless Gucci and Prada bags (unless we’re snapping them up from Vestiaire or eBay) every now and then we want to splurge on a really great, luxury item that we can treasure for years and use regularly without it disintegrating. And handbags and coats are top of the list of things that feel truly worth spending a

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Of Course Chopova Lowena’s Designer Made Her Own Wedding Dress

For most women, choosing a wedding dress is an endless process of trial and error that takes multiple stores, appointments, and fittings before finding the one. But for a fashion designer with a singular aesthetic and the wish to design her own dress, it might actually be more difficult. Laura Lowena-Irons, half of the creative director team behind the popular British-Bulgarian label Chopova Lowena, made up her mind early on in her engagement to design her own dress with her co-designer Emma Chopova. Seems simple enough, they thought, until a pandemic and Brexit rocked their plans.

Lowena-Irons and her

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Hushpuppi: Fashion designer DCP – Nigerians mock Abba Kyari

Nigerians have mocked Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari after he denied receiving a bribe from a Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi.

The United States Department of Justice had said ongoing investigations showed that Hushpuppi allegedly bribed Kyari to arrest one Kelly Chibuzo Vincent, one of his accomplices in Nigeria.

Reacting to the allegations making the rounds on Thursday morning, the DCP, in a statement on his verified Facebook page, denied that he received a bribe.

According to him, he only helped Hushpuppi buy some native caps and clothes he liked on him.

Part of his

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How to Become a Fashion Designer | Best Colleges

The greatest thrill of being a fashion designer, many of them say, has nothing to do with dressing up supermodels for glamorous events and watching them walk down runways wearing the clothing you designed – though that is a plus and a sign of success. What makes the job truly exciting, several designers say, is watching an everyday person smile when they put on an outfit you created that makes them feel confident.


“As far as the most gratifying thing, it’s hearing and seeing people’s reactions to the clothes and hearing them say, ‘I feel comfortable,'” says

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How Cher and Dionne Would Dress in 2021, According to the Costume Designer of ‘Clueless’

Few pop-culture gemstones have had as much of an impact on fashion as Clueless, the ’90s rom-com that celebrates an anniversary this week amid a next-gen revival. Mona May, the film’s costume designer, is one of the most prolific talents in the industry, deserving of credit for our modern worlds. May’s styling for pre-Y2K cult hits like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Never Been Kissed has shaped 2021’s fashion (Liquid minidresses! Twinsets!), while Clueless’s Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Dash) remain lifestyle muses decades later. “It’s not just the fashion that mesmerizes people over the

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Designer creates wedding dress made entirely from dumped face-masks as restrictions are lifted

A DESIGNER has created a wedding dress made entirely from dumped face-masks – as all wedding restrictions were lifted.

Designer Tom Silverwood stitched together material from 1,500 masks to create the stunning floor-length white gown.


Jemima Hambro models a wedding dress designed by Tom Silverwood and made from 1,500 dumped face masks for wedding planning website HitchedCredit: PA

Wedding planner website Hitched funded the frock to celebrate the return of weddings after Freedom Day. 

Couples getting married can now invite as many guests as they want to their nuptials.

Sarah Allard, editor of Hitched, said: “We’re overjoyed that

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YouTuber Alisha Marie goes shopping for bags from Chanel and other luxury designer brands

Alisha Marie is a YouTube star known for her lifestyle and fashion videos. She’s also a successful podcaster, and has recently started her own sustainable and inclusive fashion line, Parallel Apparel. Join Marie as she embarks on a designer bag shopping spree at What Goes Around Comes Around in Beverly Hills, during which she shares her love for Chanel and offers some valuable styling tips.

As Marie entered the designer bag sanctuary, she was clearly eager to start the shopping spree. “Let’s start, cause I’m kind of freaking out,” said the excited influencer.

Marie quickly became enamored by

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Designer Phoebe Philo Returns to Fashion With Her Own Brand

Designer Phoebe Philo announced her return to fashion after a three-year break, following her exit from fashion house Celine back in 2017. The designer joined the label back in 2008 and made a tremendous impact not only on the brand but on the fashion industry as a whole. Philo will be returning with her own eponymous label, backed by the world’s largest multinational corporation, LVMH. The corporation will only have a minority stake in the new Phoebe Philo brand, allowing the designer to fully express herself without restrictions.

In an announcement about her return, Philo said that “being in my

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Fashion retailer Zara condemns anti-Palestinian comments made by designer

Fashion retailer Zara on Tuesday condemned anti-Palestinian comments made by one of its senior designers after the remarks spurred calls for a boycott of the Spanish apparel line on social media.

Vanessa Perilman, Zara’s head designer for its women’s department, got into an online argument with model Qaher Harhash, who is Palestinian, over his advocacy for the people in Gaza.

“Maybe if your people were educated then they wouldn’t blow up the hospitals and schools that Israel helped to pay for in Gaza,” Perilman wrote to Harhash on Instagram over direct message on June 9.

“The people in my industry

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