Everlane Desert Boot and Desert Shoe Review and Endorsement 2021

SHOP THE DESERT BOOT $125, everlane.com

SHOP THE DESERT SHOE $125, everlane.com

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I can still remember the utter confusion. My wife—the member of our little domestic duo who does not have deeply embedded fashion brain worms—was absolutely fixated on getting a “day glove” from Everlane. I had no freakin’ clue what she was talking about. But women around the world did, and to them, my ignorance probably would have been some cause for concern. Because I was picturing something that

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23 Best Fanny Packs and Belt Bags for Hands-Free Adventures in 2021 from Nike, Everlane, Lululemon

One of the most useful trends to resurge during the last couple of years is the fanny pack—an overtly practical bag we made fun of our dads for wearing before we began wearing them ironically then finally embracing them wholeheartedly. And thank goodness we did! The best fanny pack or belt bag solves the pesky problem of having to lug around a heavy tote or purse that can feel like a brick swinging from your arm, or having to deal with a backpack when you don’t actually need all that much stuff. 

Whether you’re going on a run,  going to

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