Here’s Why Everybody’s Wearing Exercise Dresses

“Just being outside is a workout today,” Arianna Gaujean, 18, said while browsing the sale rack at Awoke Vintage in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was a scorching July evening and Ms. Gaujean, a student at St. Francis College, was wearing a short black racer-back dress — the ideal garment, she said, for doing just about anything in the heat.

In 35-and-under parlance, this was an “exercise dress,” an all-in-one outfit that, depending on your browsing habits, may be haunting your social feeds, with ads touting its comfort (stretchy nylon and spandex!), versatility (built-in shorts!) and universally flattering silhouette (who doesn’t feel

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What Are Exercise Dresses Anyway?

Photo courtesy of Outdoor Voices.

You may have seen “cottagecore” fashion and ankle jeans take over the Internet these past few months. Now, there’s a new TikTok fashion trend that millennials and Gen Z-ers have been donning: the Exercise Dress.

A few years ago, activewear brand Outdoor Voices rocked the athleisure world with the debut of the Exercise Dress—yes, that is its proper name—which, like it sounds, is basically a sporty dress that you can work out in. It resembles a tennis dress made out of a breathable lightweight fabric, and has built-in shorts with two pockets. (Who doesn’t

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