9 Best Running Shoes for Snow, According to Experts 2021

Clocking miles during a wintry day? Make sure you’ve geared up properly, especially with running shoes for snow that can withstand the elements. “When you’re picking the best shoes for running in the snow, you want to consider two main aspects: the traction and grip and what kind of protection the shoe provides from the elements,” says Eric Fruth, Co-Owner and Grassroots Coordinator of “Ideally, you’re looking for a shoe that has excellent grip on wet or icy terrain, and if it features a water-resistant upper or a weatherproof GORE-TEX upper, even better.”

In order to pick

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Experts warn of high levels of chemicals in clothes by some fast-fashion retailers

Canadians who purchase cheap fast fashion from online retailers may be exposing themselves to potentially toxic chemicals.

A Marketplace investigation found that out of 38 samples of children’s, adult’s and maternity clothes and accessories, one in five items had elevated levels of chemicals — including lead, PFAS and phthalates — that experts found concerning. 

“People should be shocked,” said Miriam Diamond, an environmental chemist and professor at the University of Toronto. Diamond oversaw the lab testing that Marketplace commissioned. 

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Lab tests expose toxic chemicals found on new clothes. And how to fight back against overseas fraudsters.

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Record-setting super shoes are here to stay, say experts

Tokyo (AFP)

Derided by purists, evangelised by innovators: “super shoes” are the tools of the trade for today’s athletes and will continue to radically change the landscape of track and road running, experts have told AFP.

A mass of not only new world records, but also a slew of national records and startling personal bests since the 2016 Rio Olympics show athletes are thriving on new technology that has pushed the biomechanics of the running shoe to a new level.

When the Olympic athletics programme starts in Tokyo on Friday, many athletes will be wearing the super-light shoes that contain

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What is gender-fluid clothing? Fashion industry experts explain.

So, what is gender-fluid clothing?

Gender-fluid clothing has no agreed-upon definition in the fashion industry — it’s easier to explain its purpose. In essence, gender-fluid fashion isn’t limited by the traditional “menswear” and “womenswear” binary. Instead, the idea is that any given outfit completely disregards the association between pants and men, skirts and women and so on. In fact, some experts say gender-fluid clothing has little, if anything, to do with the brands, designers and retailers that create them. Instead, they argue, any piece of apparel can be gender-fluid if its wearer so chooses.

Black masculinities scholar Nalo Zidan, a
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Fashion Experts Share Summer Dress Trends

With all due respect to nap dresses, summer 2021 is arriving quickly and bringing with it an energy that’s anything but sleepy. You may relate if you’re currently in a mood to throw on a party-ready frock just to run to the supermarket. Or perhaps you’re itching to break your legs out of their soft-pants comfort zone and slip into a minidress to reunite with pals you haven’t seen in a year. It’s not solely festive, flowy designs that are drumming up these feelings of anticipation and optimism—see: a vaccine rollout running ahead of schedule and the promise of warm

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15 Best Arch-Support Running Shoes Of 2021, According To Experts

The best running sneakers are the ones that make you feel good and keep you on top of your game. So if you’re finishing up your miles with sore arches even on your easier days, chances are you you could benefit from a pair of arch-support running shoes.

Finding running shoes with arch support is especially useful for people with flat feet or high arches since they need extra support to prevent injuries like heel spurs, says podiatrist Brad Schaeffer, MD, owner of Sole Podiatry in New York City.

For example, runners who overpronate (a.k.a. excessively roll inward with

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