First lady Jacqueline Kennedy donned one of Halston’s iconic pillbox hats on Inauguration Day in 1961 | Bettmann/Getty Images

Walk into any department store, and you’ll get a sense of the powerful brands built by high-end American designers: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan. They created veritable fashion empires by leveraging their names to create lower-priced lines and sign profitable licensing agreements.

But before them all, there was Roy Halston Frowick — better known by the singular appellation Halston.

The subject of an eponymous Netflix miniseries starring Ewan McGregor, Halston became one of the earliest American designers to

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How Ecosystems Can Help The Fashion Sector Gain Competitive Agility In The New Normal

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Having had discussions with some of my friends working in fashion, I’ve been wondering about how competitive agility could play a role in revamping the sector as we know it. Besides looking at the key trends impacting the business, it’s worth looking whether the fashion landscape, like other consumer-oriented industries, can orchestrate new, innovative ecosystems to support brand and bolster value chains and competitiveness.

It is well known that over the last few decades, fashion

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Fashion forward: England team tackle style convention | Fashion

England’s first match in the Euro 2020 tournament isn’t until Sunday afternoon, but the fashion crowd are already focused on the team’s attacking threat – specifically Dominic Calvert-Lewin, the 24-year-old Everton striker. Calvert-Lewin may be rated by football fans for his goals, but with his off-duty looks he’s gaining a reputation as England’s premier fashion plate.

Cavert-Lewin now shares a stylist – Harry Lambert – with Harry Styles. But his personal style has stood out for a few years. If footballers, broadly speaking, tend to stick to ripped jeans, tight T-shirts and logoed washbags, Calvert-Lewin wears more obscure labels

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How double denim swaggered back into fashion

If clothing is communication, what does double denim say about its wearer? When Brad Pitt struts into view in Thelma & Louise, decked out in a loose denim shirt tucked into blue jeans, his attire speaks of irreverence and a free spirit. When Ryan Gosling dresses in a denim jacket and jeans in Drive, he’s playing the neighbourhood nice guy (though his leather driving gloves hint at a darker side). In Brokeback Mountain, Jake Gyllenhaal’s denim shirt and jeans signal both his belonging in the macho world of the American West and his sexuality (double denim is

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Stella McCartney says fashion is ‘one of the most harmful’ industries

Stella McCartney has urged world leaders to stop “penalising those doing good” and incentivise the fashionindustry to make sustainable choices.

On Friday, 11 June, chief executives from nine global businesses, including the fashion designer, met with world leaders during the G7 summit to discuss the acceleration of sustainable investment.

Ahead of the meeting, McCartney told Sky News it will be a “powerful opportunity to bring light to an industry” that has “gone under the radar forever on sustainable issues”.

The designer, who is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and late animal rights activist Linda McCartney started her namesake brand

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Skeletons reveal the cost of medieval fashion for pointy shoes

Cambridge Archaeological Unit

This illustration of the sole of an adult’s shoe from late 14th century Cambridge in the UK depicts a pointed-toe shape.


They were the Jimmy Choos of their day.

Known as poulaines, pointy leather shoes were the height of fashion in 14th century Britain. Medieval men and women about town, however, suffered for their fancy footwear: They got bunions.

The painful condition is common today, especially among women. Paleopathologist Jenna Dittmar was surprised to find evidence of bunions, more formally known as Hallux valgus, among the skeletal remains she was investigating for a wider project

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Half of fast fashion made of new plastics, finds report

“The sheer volume of clothing produced by these websites is shocking – we should see many of these items, which go for rock-bottom prices, as akin to other short-lived plastics. The nature of fast fashion trends means they are not designed to have long lives in our wardrobes,” said the report’s co-author Josie Warden.

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Medieval fashion for pointy shoes linked to rise in bunions | Archaeology

From waist-squeezing corsets to crinoline skirts, fashion has rarely been about comfort – or safety. Now researchers have revealed that even in medieval times, men and women could become martyrs to fashion, linking a trend in pointy shoes to a rise in the prevalence of bunions.

Bunions – or hallux valgus– are bulges that appear on the side of the foot as the big toe leans in towards the other toes and the first metatarsal bone points outwards. Studies suggest factors such as genetics probably predispose some people to the condition, but it is thought high heels and pointy shoes

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What’s The Future Of Fashion? Everything From Digital Clothes To 3D Constructions

Fashion is consistently evolving and creatively erupting at lightning speed. With technology and science added to the mix, the futuristic vision and execution by established designers and avant-garde labels are riveting. Digging deep within the subject, let’s dissect the various practices like kinetic components, digital clothing and 3D construction that has pushed the envelope.

1. Kinetic Fashion 

Kinectic fashion was popularised by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen during her debut Paris Haute Couture week presentation in 2018. Her latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection, titled Roots of Rebirth, further explores the concept. The idea is to apply scientific methodology in fashion and

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Global demand for Chinese made fashion soars

Global demand for Chinese-made clothing surged in the first four months of the year, with a total valuation of 44.41 billion dollars exported. The data was shared by the General Administration of Customs of China, which said demand was up 51.7 percent over the same period last year.

Exports surged to 44 billion dollars

From January to April, China’s export of textile yarns, fabrics and related products totaled over 43.96 billion dollars, an increase of 18 percent year-on-year.

“While major Western consumer economies emerge from the pandemic ready to spend on fashion and related categories,” wrote the Business of Fashion,

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