Want to feel cosy, comfortable and a little bit French? Try a sweater dress | Fashion

Every time I wear a sweater dress I wonder why I ever wear anything else. There is actually no better autumn outfit. The judge’s decision is final and she will be taking no further questions at this time. In a sweater dress I feel slightly mysterious, possibly a little bit French. Which is miraculous, since I have absolutely zero mystique and am not remotely French. Nonetheless, in a sweater dress I somehow feel as if I might be on my way to eat a chic solo dinner while reading a novel in a neighbourhood bistro, before strolling home, probably

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New dress code makes students feel more comfortable on campus

The Turlock Unified School Board of Trustees approved an updated version of the district’s dress code at the Board meeting on Oct. 5, allowing students to wear spaghetti straps, crop tops, pajamas and hats to school.

While many students said they are happy to see the dress code changed to allow for more freedom in clothing choices, not all Board members supported the changes.

Board member Mary Jackson voted against the updated dress code.

During the Sept. 21 board meeting, Jackson expressed concern about standards for students being lowered.

“I’m not willing to lower the bar. I’m not comfortable with

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