Harry Winston Debuts A New High Jewelry Collection

“Jewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession,” beloved jeweler Mr. Harry Winston once said. Mr. Winston’s enduring passion for precious, rare gems and the emotions they evoke within continues to be at the forefront of the jewelry House’s unwavering commitment to the most exceptional gemstones. And, after a challenging year for most, love and connection were needed most. Thus, at the start of 2021, The House declared this year as the “year of love” with the debut of the new high jewelry collection, Winston With Love.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Harry Winston

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A Louisiana high school senior was accused of violating his graduation’s dress code with his shoes— so a teacher switched with him

Daverius Peters told CNN he showed up to his high school graduation in a pair of black leather Alexander McQueen shoes, ready to walk across the stage to get his diploma when he was stopped, at the door. The faculty member informed him that his footwear violated the dress code, and he would not be permitted into his own graduation.

According to Peters, the students were required to wear dark-colored dress shoes and not allowed to wear slippers, athletic shoes, or opened-toed shoes. He thought his shoes matched the requirements.

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Student’s shoes almost kept him from walking high school graduation

One high school senior almost missed his own graduation after he was told a school policy did not allow his type of shoes at the ceremony.  

When Daverius Peters, a senior at Hahnville High School in Boutte, Louisiana,arrived at the convention center where his graduation was being held May 19, a school representative blocked him from entering. 

“She just stopped me saying I couldn’t wear my shoes,” Peters said. “Another kid had the exact same shoes, so I was confused.”

The school’s graduation dress code policy says male students must wear dark dress shoes and tennis shoes are not allowed.

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