Hill House Home Designed ‘Bridgerton’ Inspired Nap Dresses

When Bridgerton first hit Netflix last winter, the ultra-feminine gowns worn by 19th century London’s elite instantly reminded viewers of a more modern garment: the Hill House Home nap dress. Those viewers included Nell Diamond, Hill House Home CEO and the “biggest Bridgerton fan ever,” she tells

Now, Diamond’s fellow Bridgerton fans can get an extra dose of the show’s regency style before the new season arrives—courtesy of Hill House Home’s first collaboration.

Hill House Home

The Ellie Nap Dress

Hill House Home


Hill House Home is partnering with Phenomenal, a media brand and creative

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9 Iconic Bags And The Brilliant Women Who Inspired Them

Fashion’s most recognisable handbags have sentimental stories behind them. Throughout the 20th-century, as the impact of trophy bags increased, designers looked to those closest to them for inspiration. From the Dior bag named after Diana, Princess of Wales to the Louis Vuitton classic rebranded to suit Audrey Hepburn’s style, discover nine handbags that were inspired by some of the world’s most revered fashion plates. 

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Vintage Inspired Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Collection

Dilemma! Antique jewelry is wonderful, but with this dream comes responsibilities—caring for old things can be daunting. Why not set your sights on vintage-inspired jewelry instead? Vintage-esque jewelry, freshly hatched and brand new, is meant to be thrown on and enjoyed—no loose stones to worry about, no fear that washing your hands will ruin a decoration applied 100 years ago, no wondering if what you bought is really what the dealer—he or she seemed so nice, but still…—swore it was.

Don’t think of these vintage-inspired pieces as mere replicas because they are emphatically not—they are fantasias, brilliant interpretations, spun with

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