The top golf shoes at every price point

Spiked or spikeless? Colorful or a clean white? The golf shoe preference depends on the golfer.

Welcome to GOLF’s 2021/2022 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with the, well… best of everything! Check out our picks below or browse more items in our Pro Shop.


Golfers hold onto putters forever. They’ll game the same set of irons for years. But shoes? We’ll buy seven different pairs of shoes, all different colors, and reinvest in kicks annually. The cross-section of fashion and equipment meet where? Down near the ground, on

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Tokyo Olympics could be ‘turning point’ for how female athletes dress

TOKYO — The Tokyo Olympics could go down in history as the Games in which female athletes slammed the door on competing in skimpy outfits.

So far, German gymnasts, inspired by the Norwegian beach handball players, have led the way at these Games by scrapping their traditional — and far more revealing — uniforms in favor of more modest, and some say more comfortable, performance gear.

And, experts say, that sorority of resistance is likely to grow at an Olympics like no other which are being held despite the Covid-19 pandemic — and at which female athletes have not been

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