The top golf shoes at every price point

Spiked or spikeless? Colorful or a clean white? The golf shoe preference depends on the golfer.

Welcome to GOLF’s 2021/2022 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with the, well… best of everything! Check out our picks below or browse more items in our Pro Shop.


Golfers hold onto putters forever. They’ll game the same set of irons for years. But shoes? We’ll buy seven different pairs of shoes, all different colors, and reinvest in kicks annually. The cross-section of fashion and equipment meet where? Down near the ground, on

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Moral Code Chase Shoes Review, Price, and Where to Buy

SHOP $169,

Welcome to The Esquire Endorsement. Heavily researched. Thoroughly vetted. These picks are the best way to spend your hard-earned cash.

Man cannot live on sneakers alone. The same goes for slippers, house shoes, clogs, and the rest of the (extremely comfy) shoes we’ve slipped into for the last little while. You also need real shoes. Proper shoes. The kind of shoes that are sometimes colloquially called “hardbottoms,” because for so long they were made with leather soles that were, yeah, pretty hard (at least until you broke them in).

If that’s had to hear right now, I

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The truth about fast fashion: can you tell how ethical your clothing is by its price? | Fashion

What is the true cost of a Zara hoodie? In April 2019, David Hachfeld of the Swiss NGO Public Eye, along with a team of researchers and the Clean Clothes Campaign, attempted to find out. They chose to analyse a black, oversized top from Zara’s flagship Join Life sustainability line, which was printed with lyrics made famous by Aretha Franklin: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T: find out what it means to me”. It was an apt choice, because the idea was to work out whether any respect had been paid to the workers involved in the garment’s production, and how much of

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Allbirds-Adidas Futurecraft.Footprint Running Shoe: Details, Price, Release Date

The new shoe’s upper is a mesh made from 70 percent recycled polyester and 30 percent Tencel, a cellulose fiber material made from wood pulp that also makes an appearance in Allbirds’ Tree Runners. And like many of the other products in Adidas’ Terrex and Futurecraft lines, the new shoe only comes in pure white, because dyeing is also an energy-intensive process.

The companies sent me a pair of the new running shoes to try. I weighed one size-7.5 women’s shoe at 4.6 ounces, which is incredibly light; for comparison, my current favorite Hoka Clifton 7s weighs 8.1 ounces per

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Worcester Trash Bag Price Hike Would Fund Recycling Bins: Budget

WORCESTER, MA — The winds of change are blowing toward Worcester’s trash collection system — perhaps the first time wind and trash day in Worcester were a good mix.

Worcester City Manager Edward Augustus Jr. wants to raise the cost of Worcester’s yellow pay-as-you-throw trash bags for the first time in 14 years. The added revenue would be used to buy recycling bins for city residents to lid a recurring problem: that recyclables tend to blow away and end up strewn across backyards, parks and along gutters.

Under the proposal, the yellow trash bags would cost 25 cents more apiece.

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