Kangaroos are not for shoes | Opinion

By Raymond J. Lesniak

Every year, more than 2 million kangaroos are slaughtered to make shoes. That’s right, more than 2 million shoes! Nike profits while kangaroos die. And Nike isn’t the only company profiting from this kangaroo slaughter. Adidas makes kangaroo athletic shoes and Dick’s Sporting Goods, Puma and Amazon-owned Zappos sell athletic shoes made of kangaroo skin, according to an exhaustive, months-long investigation by the Center for a Humane Economy, a national non-profit organization that promotes animal welfare in the business sector.

It’s the largest land-based commercial wildlife slaughter in the world, ten times larger and far

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Jill Biden and Kate Middleton Wore the Same Classic Shoes

We talk a lot about wardrobe classics here at Who What Wear, from tan trench coats to white blouses. But is there one single item that reigns supreme when it comes to perennial fashion favorites? Well, if you looked at the new images of the ultimate power couple, First Lady Jill Biden and the Duchess of Cambridge, it may just be nude, pointy-toe pumps. Both women chose to wear the classic shoe style, solidifying its cult status. 

I know what some people will say: Why talk about what they’re wearing when they are doing such important work? Well, we’re proponents

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Amazon Shoppers Love Ubfen’s Barefoot Water Shoes

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The best outdoor gear purchases are the ones that, once you try them, it’s hard to ever imagine a time when you went without them. That’s why having a reliable pair of water shoes can be a real game changer for activities ranging from kayaking and sailing to hitting the beach. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on a style sturdy enough to stand up to your summer adventures and keep

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18 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Every Type of Wedding

It’s time to start practicing the Electric Slide, because wedding season is finally here. If you’ve already got dress options in mind, then all you need are comfortable wedding shoes. If you’ve ever attended someone’s nuptials, then you probably know how shoes can make or break a good celebration.

We’ve all been there: Maybe you’ve kicked off your stilettos and gone barefoot an hour into the wedding day, or packed your fave comfy summer sandals just in case. It’s understandable, since painful shoes are the kind of thing that can sneak up on someone. The true test is whether or

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Clove Shoes Wants to Show Nurses in a New Light

You enter the Wharton MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania with an idea, and Joe Ammon, 32, had one. He was fresh from a New York firm working as part of a machine that would help buy companies for other companies — boring stuff, really, the big fish eats the little fish, etc. — and the Ohio native was now striking out on his own, to launch his own business and wrest his opportunity at the startup helm. His co-pilot was his wife, Tamara, who made the move to Philadelphia with him and quickly got a job at Penn

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Skeletons reveal the cost of medieval fashion for pointy shoes

Cambridge Archaeological Unit

This illustration of the sole of an adult’s shoe from late 14th century Cambridge in the UK depicts a pointed-toe shape.


They were the Jimmy Choos of their day.

Known as poulaines, pointy leather shoes were the height of fashion in 14th century Britain. Medieval men and women about town, however, suffered for their fancy footwear: They got bunions.

The painful condition is common today, especially among women. Paleopathologist Jenna Dittmar was surprised to find evidence of bunions, more formally known as Hallux valgus, among the skeletal remains she was investigating for a wider project

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Medieval fashion for pointy shoes linked to rise in bunions | Archaeology

From waist-squeezing corsets to crinoline skirts, fashion has rarely been about comfort – or safety. Now researchers have revealed that even in medieval times, men and women could become martyrs to fashion, linking a trend in pointy shoes to a rise in the prevalence of bunions.

Bunions – or hallux valgus– are bulges that appear on the side of the foot as the big toe leans in towards the other toes and the first metatarsal bone points outwards. Studies suggest factors such as genetics probably predispose some people to the condition, but it is thought high heels and pointy shoes

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A Louisiana high school senior was accused of violating his graduation’s dress code with his shoes— so a teacher switched with him

Daverius Peters told CNN he showed up to his high school graduation in a pair of black leather Alexander McQueen shoes, ready to walk across the stage to get his diploma when he was stopped, at the door. The faculty member informed him that his footwear violated the dress code, and he would not be permitted into his own graduation.

According to Peters, the students were required to wear dark-colored dress shoes and not allowed to wear slippers, athletic shoes, or opened-toed shoes. He thought his shoes matched the requirements.

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Man City boss pledges to spend in transfer window to fill Sergio Aguero’s shoes

Manchester City will spend in the transfer window to find a replacement for striker Sergio Aguero and also improve the overall quality of the squad, Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak said.

Argentina international Aguero, City’s all-time top scorer with 260 goals, will join Barcelona on a two-year deal in July after his contract expires.

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– What’s next for Man City after 2020-21 Champions League final?

“We lose a very important legend in Sergio Aguero,” Al Mubarak said on Tuesday. “They are very hard shoes to fill, but I’m confident that we

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